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*i laugh lightly* alright baby. have fun for the both of us, and text me when you get home so i know you're safe. i love you -Harry (good night babes. getting to the point of passin' out)

I will. I love you. *Through out the night I send you a few unreadable texts and when I get home I send you a selfie of me in bed with your pullover before passing out* Missyou bab e! Gnight *You don’t see them until morning because of the time difference* (Okay, talk to you tmrw! <3)

*i grab my phone and text you* i'm glad that you're home babes. i miss you already and love you so much. be safe for me please -Harry

*I grab my phone quickly texting you back* I will babe. I’m going out with my girls so don’t be surprised if you get a bunch of drunk texts tonight. I love you too. Have fun at your show! <3 *I finish getting ready before heading out to meet my friends at the same bar I met you at*

*i move towards my bunks not wanting to be bothered with anyone and get into my bunk before i lay down, already hating being away from you* -Harry

*I catch my flight home on time and I text you right once I get off the plane* Just got off the plane babe, on my way home now. I hope you’re doing well. I miss you. <3 *I catch a cab home and jump in the shower before starting to get ready to go out*

Rose Bowl ~ 12/9

i love you too *i kiss you once more before running towards the bus after i turn around to see all our stuff gone and everyone on the bus* *i wave towards you and try to smile, before the door closes and i step up into the bus**i quickly text you* i miss you already [broken heart emoji] -Harry

*I blow you a kiss as your bus drives away* *I feel my phone vibrate so I look down at it and smile before texting you back* Miss you more <3 *I sigh before texting my best friend that I was coming home and was in desperate need of a girls night out to help me take my mind off of you* *I catch the next cab I see and head to the airport*

*i hesitate for a moment* you text me the moment you fly and the moment you land, ok? Or call me when you land. I don't care what time it is, please? I need to know you're safe -Harry

*I laugh* I will! Now go! *I push you lightly* I love you. 

*i look down towards you feeling guilty cause i can't take you to the airport, but knowing it's not going to be the first time* i love you, remember that please? *i wrap my arm around you and caress your cheek as i kiss you deeply, holding to you tightly* -Harry

I know. *I sigh* I love you too. Now get going, I don’t need your band mates hating me for keeping you so long. *I smile*

*i frown and nod my head before we head out down to the lobby where every one is waiting* Hey guys! I'm going to ride with Brittany to the airport Zayn: Dude, we're riding the bus to Vegas, we aren't riding *i look down towards my feet and fist my hand knowing i can't go with you* fuck -Harry

*I try to smile* It’s okay, go. I’ll text you when I land. *I pull you in for a kiss, wrapping my arms tightly around you before whispering to you* I love you. Be safe and have fun okay. I’ll talk to you soon.

Brittany, wait! *i get up and move towards you and grab your face, looking down towards you and wiping your cheeks* do you wanna leave? do you wanna go back home, be honest -Harry

*I look down to the floor* Obviously I don’t want to. But I have to. There’s a big difference. Like I said, it’ll be okay. I’m just not good with goodbyes okay? Can we please just get this over with?

*i pull you closer to me and hold you tightly, burying my face into your neck* d-don't cry, i'm so sorry baby *i hold you tighter* don't cry baby, i hate seeing your like t-this -Harry

*I push myself off of you and quickly wipe my eyes* No. It’s okay. I’m good. We’ll see each other soon. *I smile, grabbing my suitcase* Can we just go already?

Don't look at me like that baby, I know you're only saying this so that I don't feel bad. But I do. You shouldn't have to go through this shit to be with someone *i groan and take a seat before dropping my head into my hands* -Harry

It’s okay. It’s the truth though. It’s either that or be without you and I don’t want to. I’ll do whatever it takes to make this work. I love you. *I fall into your chest and start crying*

*i nod my head and frown, hating to see all your stuff packed up* Ok baby, um...i'm almost done *i grab the last of my things before zipping up my bag* God, I don't wanna say goodbye to you -Harry

I don’t either. *I look to the ground* I feel like we’ve had no time together at all. But I guess I have to get used to it right? *I put on a fake smile*

*i get a text from niall saying we're leaving soon and get up to grab my own bag and throwing my stuff inside* here *i hand you my pullover and place it inside your suitcase* you can sleep with it...o-or something? i don't know *i look down and shrug my shoulders* -Harry

*I look up to you and smile* Thanks. I’m probably going to need that. *I zip up my suitcase* Well, that’s it. All done.

*i frown as i watch you pack* babe...*i bite my lip and shake my head before taking a seat on the other side of the bed and going through my phone quickly and checking my twitter* -Harry

*I sit and pack in silence, thinking about how much I’ll miss you*