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*sigh deeply after hanging up, and taking a seat on the couch, hanging my head into my hands* -Harry

Babe..everything okay? *I open my eyes slowly and look to you*

*Next morning I wake up to a phone call and rush towards my phone to answer it so your not woken* *when i answer it, it's management and i walk into the other room to answer* -Harry

*I feel you get up and look to make sure everything’s alright before putting my head back on the pillow*

No, nothing really. I just wanna lay with you babes *i bury my face into your neck* And hold you babes -Harry

*I giggle* You’re cute you know that? I love this. So so much.

i'm a little tired from the work out, yes *i sigh deeply* but I just wanna lay here with you baby. i like just lying with you -Harry

*I smile* Okay baby. *I lean back into the couch more so I’m more at face level with you as I start running my finger lightly along your chest* Anything in particular you want to watch?

*i nuzzle into you more, closing my eyes as we lay there on the couch* -Harry

It’s late. Are you tired? Do you want to sleep babe? *I gently brush my fingers across your cheek*

Good, cause you mean too much to me, and I don't ever wanna hurt you again, ok? *i look up towards you* -Harry

I know babe. *I lean down and press a kiss on your forehead*

*i sigh softly* thank you so much babes, i love you *i look up towards you and smile* we're good right? after everything? -Harry

*I smile* Yeah babe. *I rub your arm gently*

no, i think i'm going to sleep naked tonight, if you don't mind? i'm too sore to put on clothes to be honest, -Harry

*I look down to you to see if you’re joking or not and laugh lightly* Okay babe, whatever you want. *I start playing with your wet hair*

*i shower quickly before coming out in only the towel, before coming out to and sitting on the couch beside you and placing my head in your lap* -Harry

Oo nice wet hair all over my lap. *I laugh, putting my arm over you* Aren’t you going to put some clothes on?

Not as cute as us, babes *i grab your hand and place a kiss on the back of your palm* i'm going to jump in the shower ok? -Harry

*I smile shyly* Okay. *While you’re in the shower I turn on the tv and flip through the channels until I find something good to watch*

*i laugh lightly* wow. seems they are inseparable, which is good. -Harry

Yeah, I’m glad. They make a cute couple.


Liam being a fuckboy